Pallet Racks and Falling Item Prevention

If you work in a warehouse, then you know that rack inspection is a necessity if you want to ensure your safety and the quality of inventory and work inside the warehouse. Depending on how big your warehouse is, there has to be an employee trained in inspecting pallet racking.


  • Pallets should be inspected to ensure that they are upright and level, otherwise unlevelled installation may cause accidents. Check that there are no misaligned and crooked pallet rows or uneven floor or foundation which may affect pallets, racks, and integrity of shelving. Inspect for too many shims on racks because they may affect the rack’s weight.
  • Inspect for corrosion, rust and structural weakness of the racks as these may cause collisions between racks, especially for used pallet racking. This may result in the destruction of inventory and possible injuries, hence incur more cost to replace them. Scraped paints and squeaking of racks is an indication that your metals are weak.
  • Inspect to ensure that there are no bent or twisted parts of racks and that footplates are steadily attached to the rack base and on the floor.

Pallet Racks and Falling Item Prevention

  • If you store your items high on racks, sometimes they may fall due reasons such as wrong stacking and pallet breakages. So how can you prevent items from falling?
  • Pallet Racks and Falling Item PreventionKeep both lateral and vertical space right: Keeping your pallets too close makes it hard for a forklift to access them and bumping on an adjacent pallet is easier and so is item falling. For the vertical space, ensure that you leave enough space for easy loading and unloading. Consider a minimum spacing of not less than 10 inches between your beams.
  • Keep enough warehouse lighting so that you may avoid mistakes such as wrong racking and bumping on your racks.
    Heaviest items to be stored in the lower beams or on floor level to make the rack more stable. With this kind of pallet racking, any loading/unloading error will be less critical. Make sure that there are no ratty pallets on your racks, as this may cause an item dump.
  • Being keen on these issues and regular inspections of your pallets, racks and loading beams ensure that the risk of the item falling is reduced.

Maximize Usable Storage Space with Vertical Storage Systems

  • Effective usage of storage space is a number one priority in warehouse management. Upright pallet racking is an excellent way to manage inventory, maximize space economy and making items accessibility easier. Easy access implies that time and money is saved.
  • Pallet Racks and Falling Item PreventionA way of improving efficiency and profits in your warehouse is using vertical storage systems. There is high visibility and simple retrieval of items, making vertical storage the best option for a poorly organized warehouse. You not only optimize floor space but also ensure timely retrieval and storage of items. With vertical storage, you will not need many employees to load or unload. One employee can load or unload items using a forklift in this kind of storage.