Homemade Candles

Supplies Required For Homemade Candles.

Making homemade candles is very easy. Contrary to what it looks, it is neither complicated nor is it tedious. It is an exciting art to do as long as you have the required supplies. It is something you can enjoy doing as your hobby. If you like you can still make candles for sale, it can be a very lucrative opportunity for you! For you who would like do it as a hobby, you can make use of the resources that are just around your homestead laying there. After that, you can shift to high-grade professional resources after you have had enough experience to make a big investment in them.

The basic supplies you need for your homemade candles are as follows


You can consider having a container wax or a pillar wax. In a case where you put your wax in a container or tin, use the container wax. If you want the one that stands on its own then go for the pillar wax.

Fragrance oil

Homemade CandlesThere are many wonderful and sweet scents to choose from. You can put your creativity into practice by mixing the fragrances so that you can produce what pleases you. You could be inspired by foods, flowers, fruits fragrances or anything else that can bring out amazing results. You will get a recommendation on what amount of fragrance oil to use depending on the kind of wax you use. On average, you will use an ounce of this oil per a pound of wax.

Candle dye

You need some coloring agents in the list of supplies. You could use block dyes, liquid dyes or dye chips.

Containers or molds

You will choose a certain container based on the kind of the candle you are making. For a starter, you can use a candle tin; you will not worry about the way the finished candle looks because of the opaque sides. If you prefer a glass jar, then let it be of 3’’ or less diameter, rounded and having an equal diameter from down to up. A seamless jar is suitable for free-standing pillars.


Choose the right wick for your candle to burn. What would be the need of the candle if the wick does not burn well? By right wick I mean the right size and kind. The performance of your wick will depend on the amount of fragrance, the type of wax you use and whether you use dye on your candle.


You will need this to weigh the amount of the wax and fragrance oil to use.

Heat source

For you to melt your wax, you will need a hot plate or a stove.

Pouring pitcher

Homemade CandlesA saucepan would come handy. Double boiler method is commonly used by many people. You can put the wax in the smaller saucepan, which is the larger one. As water evaporates, add it to the larger pan, just make sure you do not let water get into the smaller one.


You can use a candy thermometer to measure the melted wax temperature.

Warning labels

They are necessary for providing proper instructions on burning and general candle safety.

Miscellaneous supplies

Newspapers may be required for covering your work surface, disposable latex gloves for protecting your hands, paper towels and rubbing alcohol for pot cleaning before it cools down completely.
With the above supplies, you will surely have fun as you get creative with your candle making.